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About the Color Project:

This project is about how each person is so unique in variety of different ways but we all seem to share these underlying characteristics that make us human. As prejudice continues to exist against people of color and people in the LGBT+ community, I wanted to do a project that shows that although we may be different we are all human. My models are all unique and the pictures I take of them attempt to portray their features. But you cannot know a person just from a photo of them, so why would you hate them for the way they look or the way they love? The funds from this project are going to help support at risk youth in the LGBT+ community, especially those of color. Visit the website store to purchase pictures. Contact me on the about page if you would like to contribute to this project or if you have questions. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy my project! - Sabrina West 

Cristian Castro

June 19, 2017

Cristian is a straight, Mexican-American personal trainer specializing in calisthenics. His favorite colors are red and blue. Click here to view his shoot!

Malique Berry

Malique is an African-American gay male who lives in Los Angeles. Click here to see his shoot!

Winnie Perez

Winnie is bisexual  and comes from a  Mexican and Guatemalan family. Click here to see her shoot! 

Allison LeMaster

July 05, 2017

Allison is a caucasian female whose favorite color is yellow. Click here to see her shoot!

Max Anderson

June 21, 2017

Max is a nonbinary customer service worker and their favorite color is yellow. Click below to see their shoot!

Sami Wachendorf

August 16, 2017

Sami is a pansexual actress whose favorite color is blue. Click here to view her shoot!

Jason Bress

July 05, 2017

Jason is a gay, white male and his favorite color is orange. Check out his shoot below!

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